Your Expedition Team

 Dan Stetson is the former President & CEO of The Ocean Institute in Dana Point, California. Prior to stepping down after eleven years at the helm, his vision and leadership grew the Ocean Institute into an Educational Powerhouse – inspiring nearly 100,000 students annually with 61 award-winning immersion-style learning programs ranging from maritime history to marine biology to oceanography.

As an avid diver and sailor, Dan’s vision is to create an educational resource that will inspire the next generation of Ocean Stewards.

Andrea “Drey” Stockert is a veteran SCUBA instructor and television producer. Her passion for the ocean and wildlife has taken her around the world to dive and shoot in some of the most fascinating and fierce marine environments.  Having achieved the Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating in 1992, Drey has logged thousands of dives and was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame in 2001. Her producing credits can be found on Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, The Travel Channel, Speed Channel and Showtime.

Stockert’s boutique production house, One Giant Leap, based in Laguna Beach, California, specializes in web-based video marketing, streaming video and 360 degree video production.

Dan Lau has been at the forefront of educational technology for over 40 years. As a private consultant, Dan works with school districts to design and implement technology driven learning platforms.

Dan co-founded the SHARE (School and Home Access to Resources for Education) Consortium, a collaborative project consisting of four unified school districts, two campus community college districts, public libraries, the Orange County Marine Institute, and the twenty-one campus California State University system as well as a number of business partners formed to connect learners to instructional resources.

Arana Greenberg  is an educational technology consultant and multimedia pioneer who has been directing the development of internet and telecommunications technologies since 1980. As a Chairman and board member for national and international learning foundations, Arana has been at the forefront of merging technology and classrooms.

She has helped create and implement innovative technologies and experiential educational experiences for students in the US, China, Russia, UK and Israel.

Featured Researchers

Dr. Chris Lowe is Director of the “Shark Lab” at California State University at Long Beach.

For the last ten years, he and his students have been studying the baby and juvenile white sharks of Southern California and have greatly contributed to the field of knowledge for this enigmatic species. In addition, recent research by Dr. Lowe and his student team has focused on the development of underwater robots for autonomously tracking sharks and gamefishes. He has garnered several academic awards, including CSULB’s 2008-2009 Outstanding Professor Award and 2012 Impact in Research Award.

Dr. Mikki McComb Kobza is Executive Director of the OceanFirst Institute  in Boulder, Colorado.

Mikki is passionate about sharing her love of the ocean. Mikki is one of the top shark researchers in the world. Her work focuses on the sensory biology and ecological physiology of sharks, skates and rays. Mikki is a tireless advocate for sharks and shark habitat. She seeks to to highlight their global population decline and to frame new directions for their conservation.