Upcoming Field Expeditions

Live stream from La Jolla Cove

2017 Upcoming Mission: White Shark 2017

On October 16th, 2017, The Ocean Lab crew heads back to Isla Guadalupe, Mexico with Dr. Taylor Chapple of Stanford  and Dr. Mauricio Hoyos Padilla of Pelagios Kakunja. We will be transmitting 3 live broadcasts from the island as researchers take questions from classrooms all around the world. (Broadcasts in both English and Spanish). Sign Up HERE.


Live stream from La Jolla Cove

2018 Upcoming Mission: Sea Lions and Seals of La Jolla

In Spring of 2018, The Ocean Lab will be conducting a series of live events from La Jolla Shores. Broadcasting live into classrooms in southern California, students will be able to interact with conservationists who study sea lion behavior.


Past Field Expeditions

2016 Mission: White Shark!

In October, 2016,  after months of testing streaming bandwidth limitations, the team returned to  Nautilus Belle Amie, to test several streaming platforms. Using the YouTube, Zoom.us, Skype and SafariLive framework, we completed 4 full broadcasts from the aft deck of the Belle Amie. Dr. Mikki McComb Kobza used a student created laser measuring device to collect data on the size of seven individual sharks. Ocean Lab streamed live into classrooms in Laguna Beach, California, Chicago, Illinois, and Denver, Colorado.

2015 Mission: White Shark!

In October, 2015, the team motored 24 hours from Ensenada, Mexico onboard the MV Nautilus, Belle Amie, to try out the streaming capabilities of the KVH satellite communications onboard. Using the SafariLive software framework, the expedition team was able to create limited video interaction onboard. Testing was completed in 4 rounds with streaming capacity limitations identified.